Detail of art-nouveau Stadtbahn Pavillion, Wieden.

Stadtbahn Pavillons


Peeking above the Resselpark at Karlsplatz are two of Otto Wagner’s finest designs, the Stadtbahn Pavillons. Built in 1898 at a time when Wagner was assembling Vienna’s first public transport system (1893–1902), the pavilions are gorgeous examples of Jugendstil, with floral motifs and gold trim on a steel and marble structure. The west pavilion holds an exhibit on Wagner’s most famous Jugendstil works, the Kirche am Steinhof and Postsparkasse. The eastern pavilion is home to Club U.

In 1977, the pavilions were dismantled to make room for the U-Bahn to run beneath them and were rebuilt 1.5m higher.

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