The Zillertal

Mayrhofen's 'action mountain', the Penken is where it is at in both winter and summer. Opened in 2015, the slick cable car affords panoramic views as it glides up to 1790m. Downhill mountain bikers are in heaven here, with numerous tours from easy-peasy to demanding. The website has a virtual bike map. It's also a magnet for hikers, paragliders and climbers, and skiers and freeriders in winter, with the Harakiri and Vans Penken Park.

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1. Pfarrkirche

4.99 MILES

The spire of this pink-and-white parish church dominates the village centre and is surrounded by a sea of filigree crosses. You can peek inside the church…

2. Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen

5.05 MILES

The main draw for hikers in Ginzling is the Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen, a 379-sq-km nature park and pristine alpine wilderness of deep valleys and…

3. Franziskanerkirche

14.34 MILES

This Franciscan church blends Gothic and baroque styles. The church cloisters next door are a calm spot; Gothic windows and unfinished frescoes line its…

4. Pfarrkirche

14.53 MILES

At the Gothic Pfarrkirche, your eye is immediately drawn to its steep roof bearing 14,000 copper tiles. The web-vaulted interior purportedly harbours the…

5. Silberbergwerk

14.58 MILES

You almost feel like breaking out into a rendition of ‘Heigh-Ho’ at Silberbergwerk Schwaz, as you board a mini train and venture deep into the bowels of…

6. Altstadt

14.59 MILES

Schwaz hides a remarkably well-preserved Altstadt, built high on the riches of medieval silver. Taking pride of place on pedestrianised Franz-Josef…

7. Museum der Völker

14.62 MILES

Local photographer Gert Chesi set up this museum, showcasing a rich collection of African and Asian ritual art. Rotating exhibitions home in on elements…

8. Krimmler Wasserfälle

14.94 MILES

Enshrouded in mist, arched by a rainbow, frozen solid – this waterfall always looks extraordinary, no matter what time of year. The Wasserfallweg …