Schwaz hides a remarkably well-preserved Altstadt, built high on the riches of medieval silver. Taking pride of place on pedestrianised Franz-Josef-Strasse, the Gothic Pfarrkirche immediately catches your eye with its step-gabled roof bearing 14,000 copper tiles. Not far south is the Gothic-meets-baroque Franziskanerkirche.

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1. Pfarrkirche

0.06 MILES

At the Gothic Pfarrkirche, your eye is immediately drawn to its steep roof bearing 14,000 copper tiles. The web-vaulted interior purportedly harbours the…

2. Franziskanerkirche

0.25 MILES

This Franciscan church blends Gothic and baroque styles. The church cloisters next door are a calm spot; Gothic windows and unfinished frescoes line its…

3. Museum der Völker

0.33 MILES

Local photographer Gert Chesi set up this museum, showcasing a rich collection of African and Asian ritual art. Rotating exhibitions home in on elements…

4. Silberbergwerk

0.86 MILES

You almost feel like breaking out into a rendition of ‘Heigh-Ho’ at Silberbergwerk Schwaz, as you board a mini train and venture deep into the bowels of…

5. Swarovski Kristallwelten

6.28 MILES

Swarovski crystals sparkle in all their glory at the fantasy fairy-tale Kristallwelten. A giant’s head spewing water into a pond greets you in the park,…

6. Bergbau Museum

10.5 MILES

This reconstructed salt mine, complete with galleries, tools and shafts, can only be visited by 40-minute guided tour. Salt was mined in the valley for…

7. Rathaus

10.52 MILES

Bordering the main square is Hall’s 15th-century town hall, with its distinctive courtyard, complete with crenellated edges and mosaic crests.

8. Pfarrkirche St Nikolaus

10.53 MILES

This graceful 13th-century church is best known for its Waldaufkapelle, home to Florian Waldauf’s grisly collection of 45 skulls and 12 bones, picked from…