Kärntner Botanikzentrum


This small botanical garden is especially popular for its evocative landscape of small cliffs with alpine plants, and for another section with a waterfall and ponds. Adjoining it is the Kreuzberglkirche, perched on a hillock with some pretty mosaics of the Stations of the Cross on the path leading up to it. Take bus 60 or 61 from Heiligengeistplatz to Kreuzbergl.

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Nearby Klagenfurt attractions

1. Alpen-Adria-Galerie im Stadthaus

0.53 MILES

Visiting art exhibitions are installed at the small Alpen-Adria-Galerie im Stadthaus, usually featuring local contemporary artists.

2. Stadtgalerie

0.63 MILES

A thoughtfully curated program of modern and contemporary international and Austrian artists is shown at the Carinthian state gallery, which has its main…

3. Landhaus

0.66 MILES

The Renaissance Landhaus (state parliament) dates from the late 16th century and is still the centre of political power today. The stairs on the right …

4. Stadthauptpfarrkirche St Egid


Climb the 225 steps of this baroque church's 90m-high tower for a bird’s-eye view of town and the surrounding mountains. Down in the church there are some…

5. Dragon Fountain

0.77 MILES

Neuer Platz, Klagenfurt’s central square, is dominated by the 16th-century Dragon Fountain, the emblem of the city and one of Central Europe's oddest…


0.88 MILES

This gallery for modern and contemporary art stages three or four excellent temporary exhibitions a year based on its collection of Carinthian and mostly…

7. Dom

0.92 MILES

Klagenfurt's single-nave cathedral doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it has an ornate marble pulpit and sugary pink-and-white stucco…

8. Eboard Museum

1.01 MILES

With the largest collection of keyboard instruments in Europe (more than 1300), this quirky museum is literally a ‘fingers-on’ experience: you are able to…