Erlebniswelt Holzknechtland


This outdoor museum for children on Bürgeralpe is devoted to wood and all its wonderful uses.

The museum is accessible either via the Bürgeralpe Cable Car or alternatively by chairlift from St Sebastian.

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1. Basilika

1.09 MILES

Mariazell's basilica, a pilgrimage church, is famed for its small but exquisite chapel, known as the Gnadenkapelle (Chapel of Grace). This gold and silver…

2. Schatzkammer

1.09 MILES

In the upper galleries of the Basilika, the Schatzkammer contains votive offerings spanning six centuries, especially naive-style paintings.

3. Cistercian Monastery


This abbey, founded in 1202, survived the Turkish invasions of 1683 but after a disastrous fire was largely rebuilt in 1810. It's an impressively vast…

4. Schloss Landskron


Several paths wind up to this castle, where local nobility held court until fire ravaged it along with the rest of the town in 1792. The population helped…

5. Pfarrkirche

26.14 MILES

This 15th-century Gothic church is on the way up to the castle ruins.

6. Koloman-Wallisch-Platz

26.2 MILES

The town square, host to a food and flower market on Wednesday and Saturday, is graced by the Rathaus, with an attractive arcaded courtyard;…

7. Erzberg

26.4 MILES

Eisenerz' main attraction is its Erzberg ironworks, which can be seen up close on underground Schaubergwerk tours of the mine, abandoned in 1986, or…

8. Wehrkirche St Oswald

26.64 MILES

More a fortress than a Gothic church, this soaring bastion gained its heavy walls in 1532 as protection against the Turks.