Cistercian Monastery

Lower Austria

This abbey, founded in 1202, survived the Turkish invasions of 1683 but after a disastrous fire was largely rebuilt in 1810. It's an impressively vast place with a lot of gravitas. The Cistercian monks here still tend vineyards and also play host to a renowned summer music academy when music fills the ancient courtyards. See website for performance details.

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1. Landesmuseum

13.03 MILES

The Lower Austria State Museum houses an interesting collection on the history, art and environment of the region. A wave made from glass, frozen in…

2. Klangturm

13.04 MILES

For a bird’s-eye view of the Landhausviertel, take the lift to the top of this tower, which often stages temporary art exhibitions.

3. Synagoge

13.19 MILES

St Pölten's main synagogue dates from 1912 and has attractive art-nouveau features. The Nazis laid it to waste during the pogroms of 1938 and the building…

4. Stadtmuseum

13.27 MILES

The City Museum is expertly curated and well worth a visit. Its permanent collection focusing on art nouveau in St Pölten is on the 1st floor, and a…

5. Rathausplatz

13.32 MILES

The Rathausplatz is a pretty town square lined with cafes and eye-catching pastel-coloured buildings. It is dominated by the Rathaus (town hall) on its…

6. Dreifaltigkeitssäule

13.34 MILES

The tall Dreifaltigkeitssäule dates from 1782. It has a captivating, white, oversized swirl of motifs, and was built partly to mark the passing of the…

7. Dom

13.35 MILES

Jakob Prandtauer was one of the most prominent architects of the baroque era, and the cathedral, his masterpiece of baroque rebuilding in St Pölten, has…

8. Franziskanerkirche

13.39 MILES

Franziskanerkirche was completed in 1770 and has a grandiose altar offset by side altar paintings by Kremser Schmidt.