Mt Brown Lookout

West Coast Australia

For a cracking view over York, the Avon River and the surrounding hills and wheatfields, find your way out past the town cemetery on the eastern side of the river, continuing to the end of Pioneer Dr and the summit of Mt Brown (342m). Pick up a map at the visitor centre.

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1. Residency Museum

0.64 MILES

Built in 1858, this museum houses some intriguing historical exhibits, paying respect to Ballardong culture, and has plenty of poignant old black-and…

2. Holy Trinity Church

0.73 MILES

Across the Avon River from the town centre, this castellated red-brick church was completed in 1854. Inside are stained-glass windows designed by WA…

3. York Courthouse Complex

0.95 MILES

York's imposing red-brick-and-stone courthouse has hosted plenty of nefarious characters since it started presiding over the town's moral standards in…

4. York Motor Museum

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A must for old-car enthusiasts (vintage, veteran and classic – do you know the difference?), York's main-street motor museum has everything from a basic…

5. Burlong Pool

16.72 MILES

This natural pool on the Avon River is a significant Aboriginal site – as legend has it, the summer home of the Wargal, the giant snakelike creature that…

6. Northam Heritage Centre

17.21 MILES

Housed in Northam's National Trust–registered train station which operated from 1886 to 1966, this low-key museum showcases railway memorabilia, including…

7. Bilya Koort Boodja

17.53 MILES

Next to the 117m pedestrian suspension bridge over the Avon, this striking black-clad centre honours the history, culture and environmental know-how of…

8. Morby Cottage

18.38 MILES

On the outskirts of town, this mud-brick and hessian-sacking cottage was built in 1836 to house John Morrell, the first white fella to arrive in Northam…