Beach just north of Fremantle Port.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Fremantle attractions

1. Leighton Beach

0.82 MILES

Flat, white-sand beach with tiny waves and no current, just north of Fremantle. Loved by families.

2. Army Museum of WA

0.85 MILES

Situated within the imposing Artillery Barracks, this little museum pulls out the big guns, literally. Howitzers and tanks line up outside, while inside…

3. Fremantle Arts Centre

0.93 MILES

An impressive neo-Gothic building surrounded by lovely elm-shaded gardens, the Fremantle Arts Centre was constructed by convict labourers as a lunatic…

4. Fremantle Train Station


Built from Donnybrook sandstone in 1907; no one can say why the swans are white (rather than black), given that only black swans exist in WA.

5. Samson House

1.15 MILES

A well-preserved 1888 colonial home owned by the National Trust.

7. PS Arts Space

1.17 MILES

Independent WA artists display often-challenging work in this repurposed heritage warehouse. Occasional events, including pop-up opera, fashion shows and…