Bathers Beach Art Precinct


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1. Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre

0.01 MILES

Various classes and workshops, including language, art and crafts, are held at this interesting Aboriginal cultural centre. Booking ahead for most is…

2. Round House

0.05 MILES

Completed in 1831, this 12-sided stone prison is WA's oldest surviving building. It was the site of the colony's first hangings, and was later used for…

3. Customs House

0.08 MILES

Built in 1908 in Georgian style, this heritage-listed building is home to artist studios.

6. WA Shipwrecks Museum

0.13 MILES

Located within an 1852 commissariat store, the Shipwrecks Museum is considered the finest display of maritime archaeology in the southern hemisphere. The…

7. Western Australian Museum – Maritime

0.16 MILES

Significant West Australian boats are suspended from the rafters of this sail-shaped museum building. There's the yacht that won the America's Cup race in…

8. Bathers Beach

0.16 MILES

In late 2016 Bathers became the first beach in WA to be granted an alcohol licence – you can drink cocktails on the sand if you're in a deckchair in front…