Town Beach

West Coast Australia

Just across from the human-made Ocean Marina, Town Beach delivers some natural respite, with a gentle swell surging in and out and locals basking on the golden sand. A lovely spot.

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1. Swimming Beach

0.28 MILES

If you're not keen on the surf or have little kids in tow, there's a designated, boat-free swimming beach near the footbridge across from Ocean Marina…

2. Doddi's Beach

0.74 MILES

West of the mouth of the estuary is family-friendly Doddi's Beach, facing the ocean. It's far enough from the main town to sidestep the glitz and cultural…

3. Hall's Cottage


Tiny by modern Mandurah standards (check out the McMansions around this part of town), this whitewashed stone, shingle-roofed cottage was one of the first…

4. Mandurah Museum

0.92 MILES

Mandurah's community-run museum is an engaging little repository of all things aged and olden – it's one of WA's better regional collections. Unless you…

5. Schoolhouse

11.63 MILES

Across the street from the main Edenvale Homestead, Pinjarra's original red-brick schoolhouse (1860) is now a quilting workshop. It operated as a school…

6. Edenvale Homestead

11.66 MILES

The lovely russet-red Edenvale Homestead, built in 1888, now sustains a a tearoom in the main house (snacks $3 to $13), plus art-and-craft galleries and a…

7. St John's Church

11.71 MILES

St John's Church (1861–63), built from mud bricks, sits beside a heritage rose garden and a hushed, shady cemetery. Fremantle convicts worked on the…

8. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

15.01 MILES

Just a few minutes' paddle, swim or boat ride away from the shore 5km south of Rockingham is strictly protected Penguin Island, home to penguins, silver…