Has a pleasant sandy beach and good fishing from the jetty. You might even see whales, turtles or dolphins.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Broome attractions

1. Reddell Beach

2.28 MILES

For a blistering sunset without tourists, camels or 4WDs, pull into any of the turn-offs along Kavite Rd between Gantheaume Point and the port and watch…

2. Nagula Jarndu Women's Resource Centre

2.69 MILES

Beautiful screen- and block-printed textiles and other crafts are on show (and sale!) at this studio/gallery run by Yawuru women. Enter via Pembroke Rd.

3. Town Beach

2.74 MILES

Tiny Town Beach is fine for a dip when the tide is in; just ensure it's not stinger season. There's a kid's water park nearby.

6. Bungalow

2.83 MILES

Short Street Gallery's Hopton St stock room at Town Beach holds a stunning collection of canvases from across the Kimberley and beyond.

7. Broome Museum

2.94 MILES

Discover Cable Beach and Chinatown's origins through exhibits devoted to the area's pearling history and WWII bombing in this quirky museum, occupying the…

8. Gantheaume Point & Dinosaur Prints


Beautiful at dawn or sunset when the pindan cliffs turn scarlet and the Indian Ocean brilliant turquoise, this peaceful lookout holds a 135-million-year…