The highlight of a visit to Fyansford's historic Old Paper Mill complex is this working winery that's set within a beautiful, cathedral-like red-brick space. It produces its wines on-site from grapes sourced in the Golden Plains – you can taste the full range or grab a bottle to enjoy with a cheese platter, or pizza (in summer).

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1. Old Paper Mills

0.04 MILES

Largely a secret even to locals is this historic 19th-century paper mill, overlooking a scenic stretch of the Barwon River, that's recently been converted…

2. Geelong Cement Works Silo Art

0.93 MILES

The ugly old cement factory that sits atop Herne Hill has been beautified courtesy of three giant murals painted by Geelong-born street artist Rone. The…

3. Boom Gallery

2.04 MILES

Down an industrial street off Pakington St, Boom's warehouse space in an old woollen mill shows contemporary works by Melbourne and local artists. It…

4. Geelong Art Gallery

2.63 MILES

With over 6000 works in its collection, this long-established gallery features celebrated Australian paintings such as Eugene von Guérard’s View of…

5. National Wool Museum

2.85 MILES

More interesting than it may sound, this museum showcases the importance of the wool industry in shaping Geelong economically, socially and…

6. Geelong Waterfront Carousel

2.93 MILES

A prominent feature along Geelong's waterfront is this ornate 19th-century hand-carved carousel, housed within a slick 21st-century glass pavilion.

7. Geelong Waterfront

2.99 MILES

Geelong's sparkling revamped waterfront precinct is a great place to stroll, with plenty of restaurants set on scenic piers, plus historical landmarks, a…

8. Old Geelong Gaol

3.11 MILES

Built in 1849, HM Prison Geelong may have closed its doors in 1991, but this old bluestone jail remains as terrifying as ever. You'll see its grim cells…