Originally the Castlemaine Woollen Mills (1875), this red-brick industrial complex has been developed into one of the town's coolest precincts. It's worth dropping in for a look around; a number of local businesses have set up here, including a brewery, vintage shops, designer wares, an artisanal meat smoker, a winery and an Austrian-inspired coffee house.

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1. Boomtown Wine

0.04 MILES

Three winemaker mates have come together here to produce their wines on-site using locally grown grapes. The winery's within the Mill complex, and offers…

2. Castlemaine Botanical Gardens


These majestic gardens, among the oldest in Victoria (established 1860), strike a perfect balance between sculpture and wild bush, with lovely National…

3. Old Castlemaine Gaol

0.41 MILES

Looming from its commanding hilltop location, the Old Castlemaine Gaol is the town's most notable historical landmark; dating from 1861, it closed its…

4. Buda

0.53 MILES

Home to a Hungarian silversmith and his family for 120 years, Buda has permanent displays of the family’s extensive art and craft collections, furnishings…

5. Castlemaine Art Museum

0.56 MILES

Housed in a superb art deco building, this gallery (established in 1913) features colonial and contemporary Australian art, including works by such well…

6. Old Castlemaine Market

0.69 MILES

The magnificent old market occupies a building with a classical Roman-basilica facade, topped with a statue of Ceres, Roman goddess of the harvest. The…

7. Castlemaine Farmers Market

0.71 MILES

Combined with the artists' market across the road, and with stalls selling fresh produce, food and coffee, this is the place to be if you're in town at…

8. Old Courthouse

0.76 MILES

The original courthouse is a simple brick structure dating to 1851. It's Castlemaine's oldest building and one of the earliest public buildings from the…