East Gippsland Art Gallery


There's usually something interesting showing at Bairnsdale's art gallery, with a diverse program of locally themed exhibits showcasing talented artists from Gippsland and beyond.

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1. Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place

0.43 MILES

A stirring and well-curated cultural exhibition space, Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place offers a fascinating insight into the history and traditions of the…

2. Lightfoot & Sons

6.07 MILES

Sample some of Gippsland's finest wines at this rustic tin-shed cellar door, 11km northwest of Bairnsdale. Everything is grown and produced on-site, and…

3. Raymond Island

8.37 MILES

Home to a colony of around 250 koalas, Raymond Island offers pretty much guaranteed sightings of the cute marsupials in the wild. Directly across from…

4. Legend Rock

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In the water just in front of Metung Yacht Club is Legend Rock, a stop along the Bataluk Cultural Trail and a significant site for the Gunai and Kurnai…

5. Bullant Brewery

13.52 MILES

Just the spot for a thirsty traveller is this small brewpub in the historic township of Bruthen. Conveniently located along the East Gippsland Rail Trail,…

6. Den of Nargun

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Within Mitchell National Park, this eerie cave is hidden behind a waterfall on a tributary of the river. As part of the Dreaming, it's culturally…

7. Kalimna Lookout

18.37 MILES

As you drive into town look for this hilltop lookout with sweeping views over the entrance.

8. Jemmy's Point Lookout

18.57 MILES

A popular stop-off for photos, with wonderful views over the entrance – which links the Gippsland Lakes to Bass Strait. It's a 20-minute walk up here from…