Rugged and beautiful, Washaway is a secluded little spot within Sydney Harbour National Park, near Grotto Point on the Manly Scenic Walkway. As its name implies, you may not find it at high tide.

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Nearby Manly attractions

1. Cobblers Beach

0.74 MILES

A nude and secluded beach on the other side of Middle Head from its partner in crime, Obelisk.

2. Reef Beach

0.81 MILES

This beautiful little cove is on the Manly Scenic Walkway in the Sydney Harbour National Park. It's got turquoise water and great views across to Manly.

3. Middle Head

0.83 MILES

Offering super harbour views and a look straight out to sea between North and South Head, this bushy headland is riddled with fortifications, some dating…

4. Chinamans Beach

0.85 MILES

Gorgeous, peaceful and serene, despite its proximity to busy Balmoral, this is a photogenic location for a swim. At low tide it's a lovely stroll along…

5. Clontarf Beach

0.88 MILES

A long, low-lapping elbow of sand with bobbing yachts offshore, pretty Clontarf is popular with families, and has grassy picnic areas and a cafe.

6. Forty Baskets Beach

0.89 MILES

Found on the Manly Scenic Walkway, just before heading into the Balgowlah Heights section of Sydney Harbour National Park. The picnic area is cut off at…

7. Balmoral Beach

0.98 MILES

The beachy enclave of Balmoral faces off with Manly across Middle Harbour, and has some good restaurants and a beaut swimming beach. Split in two by an…

8. Obelisk Beach

1.02 MILES

An isolated gay and nudist beach surrounded by bushland in the Middle Head section of Sydney Harbour National Park. It loses the sun quickly in the…