Found on the Manly Scenic Walkway, just before heading into the Balgowlah Heights section of Sydney Harbour National Park. The picnic area is cut off at high tide.

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Nearby Manly attractions

1. Reef Beach

0.37 MILES

This beautiful little cove is on the Manly Scenic Walkway in the Sydney Harbour National Park. It's got turquoise water and great views across to Manly.

2. Manly Art Gallery & Museum

0.72 MILES

A short stroll from Manly Wharf, this passionately managed community gallery maintains a local focus, with changing, locally relevant exhibitions and a…

3. Manly Cove

0.81 MILES

Split in two by Manly Wharf, this sheltered enclave has shark nets and calm water, making it a popular choice for families with toddlers. Despite the busy…

4. Washaway Beach

0.89 MILES

Rugged and beautiful, Washaway is a secluded little spot within Sydney Harbour National Park, near Grotto Point on the Manly Scenic Walkway. As its name…

5. Clontarf Beach

1.04 MILES

A long, low-lapping elbow of sand with bobbing yachts offshore, pretty Clontarf is popular with families, and has grassy picnic areas and a cafe.

6. Corso

1.05 MILES

The quickest route from the Manly ferry terminal to Manly’s ocean beach is along the Corso, a part-pedestrian mall lined with surf shops, pubs and sushi…

7. Manly Beach

1.15 MILES

Sydney's second most famous beach is a magnificent strand that stretches for nearly two golden kilometres, lined by Norfolk Island pines and midrise…

8. Store Beach

1.26 MILES

A hidden jewel on North Head, magical Store Beach can only be reached by kayak – you can hire them from Manly Kayak Centre – or boat. It’s a breeding…