Raptor Domain

Kangaroo Island

Check out some KI wedge-tailed eagles, barn owls and kookaburras (all in optimal condition) at a one-hour birds-of-prey display (11.30am and 2.30pm), or go scaly at a one-hour lizards and snakes show (1pm). The 45-minute 'Venom Pit' show takes the adrenaline levels a peg higher, with spiders, scorpions and poisonous snakes (10.30am). There's a basic cafe here too.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kangaroo Island attractions

1. Little Sahara

3.59 MILES

A turn-off 6km west of Seal Bay Rd leads to a rolling white dunescape towering above the surrounding scrub. Amazing! You can hire sandboards from Kangaroo…

2. Seal Bay Conservation Park

4.83 MILES

'Observation, not interaction' is the mentality here. Guided tours stroll along the beach (or boardwalk on self-guided tours; adult/child/family $16/13/42…

3. Clifford's Honey Farm

15.76 MILES

It's worth swimming the Backstairs Passage for the honey ice cream (sourced from rare Ligurian bees) at this charming, uncommercial farm, which is a bit…

4. Emu Ridge Farm Eucalyptus Distillery

16.78 MILES

A detour off Hog Bay or Birchmore roads takes you past this self-sufficient operation (all solar-, steam- and wind-powered) extracting eucalyptus oil from…

5. Islander Estate Vineyards

19.89 MILES

Started by a renegade Frenchman in 2000, Islander Estate is now a veteran in the KI wine scene, bottling-up un-oaked chardonnay, shiraz and a very fruity…

6. Flour Cask Bay

21.89 MILES

Down a well-maintained dirt road south of American River, this remote beach is just the spot for a little soul-searching, a breezy paddle in the brine or…

7. Snelling Beach

21.93 MILES

The best swimming beach on the north coast, with a lovely arc of powdery white sand and sheltered shallows. There's not much else at Snelling by way of…

8. Kelly Hill Conservation Park

22.7 MILES

This series of dry limestone caves was 'discovered' in the 1880s by a horse named Kelly, who fell into them through a hole. Take the standard show cave…