Flour Cask Bay

Kangaroo Island

Down a well-maintained dirt road south of American River, this remote beach is just the spot for a little soul-searching, a breezy paddle in the brine or just a chestful of fresh ocean air. It's a short scramble through the dunes from the end of Old Salt Lake Rd. Chances are, the only footprints on the sand will be yours.

Nearby Kangaroo Island attractions

1. US Schooner Independence

7.73 MILES

In a big tin boatshed near the American River jetty, the timber ribs of the new US Schooner Independence are slowly starting to resemble a hull. A…

2. Clifford's Honey Farm

7.95 MILES

It's worth swimming the Backstairs Passage for the honey ice cream (sourced from rare Ligurian bees) at this charming, uncommercial farm, which is a bit…

3. Island Beach

8.29 MILES

Loong beach between Penneshaw and American River, backed by rows of fancy beach houses. Go for a wander and see what's washed in on the tide.

4. Emu Ridge Farm Eucalyptus Distillery

10.03 MILES

A detour off Hog Bay or Birchmore roads takes you past this self-sufficient operation (all solar-, steam- and wind-powered) extracting eucalyptus oil from…

5. Browns Beach

10.98 MILES

A lovely protected beach, around 14km southwest of Penneshaw en route to American River and Kingscote. Good for a quick dip.

6. Kangaroo Island Spirits

15.85 MILES

One of SA's original gin distillers (there are now more than 20!), this fiesty little moonshiner makes small-batch gin with KI native juniper berries,…

7. Island Beehive

15.92 MILES

Runs 20-minute factory tours where you can study up on passive, hard-working Ligurian bees and bee-keeping, then stock up on by-products (bee-products?)…

8. Islander Estate Vineyards

15.92 MILES

Started by a renegade Frenchman in 2000, Islander Estate is now a veteran in the KI wine scene, bottling-up un-oaked chardonnay, shiraz and a very fruity…