Millstream Falls National Park

National Park in Ravenshoe

This park is made up of two sections: Big Millstream Falls and Little Millstream Falls. The Big Falls are reputedly Australia's widest single-drop waterfalls. Swimming is forbidden, but there are two worthy hiking trails: a 680m forest circuit leads to the falls, and the WWII Heritage Walk (1km return) passes the 1940s camp sites of hundreds of Aussie troops.

The Little Falls are a series of slender cascades cutting through huge boulders; a 700m path will get you here.

The entrance to the Big Millstream Falls is 4km southwest of Ravenshoe; to get to the Little Falls, head down the Tully Falls Rd for 3km, turn right into Wooroora Rd and drive a further 1.5km to the car park.