Natural Bridge

Gold Coast

The scenic Natural Bridge, off the Nerang–Murwillumbah road, has a 1km paved walking circuit leading to a huge rock arch spanning a water-formed cave – home to a luminous colony of glowworms, best seen on summer evenings. Listen out for the uncanny call of the catbird around here.

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1. Canyon Lookout

2.49 MILES

Canyon Lookout affords jagged views through the valley all the way to Surfers Paradise.

2. Best of All Lookout

2.82 MILES

True to its name, the Best of All Lookout offers phenomenal views from the southern edge of the Springbrook Plateau to the lowlands below. The 300m trail…

3. Purling Brook Falls

2.84 MILES

Just off Springbrook Rd, the feathery Purling Brook Falls drops a rather astonishing 106m into the rainforest: worth braving the vertigo-inducing lookout.

4. Goomoolahra Falls

3.25 MILES

At the end of Springbrook Rd, there’s a superb lookout beside the 60m Goomoolahra Falls, giving views across the plateau and all the way back to the coast…

5. Springbrook National Park

3.87 MILES

A 27-sq-km national park, Springbrook is an ancient volcanic landscape with a 900m-high plateau cut through with gorges and a few even loftier outcrops…

6. Lamington National Park

5.81 MILES

The 200-sq-km Lamington National Park is a Unesco World Heritage Site with more than 160km of walking trails. This is a wonderful place for bushwalking,…

7. Wollumbin National Park

12.27 MILES

Surrounds Wollumbin/Mt Warning (1156m), the most dramatic feature of the hinterland, towering over the valley. Its Aboriginal name, Wollumbin, means …

8. Tweed Regional Museum

12.55 MILES

The town’s small museum is housed in a beautiful old building, and features a solid account of local history, an interesting radio room and an impressive…