Border Ranges National Park

Byron Bay & Northern NSW

The vast Border Ranges National Park covers 317 sq km on the NSW side of the McPherson Range, which runs along the NSW–Queensland border. It's part of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area and it's estimated that representatives of a quarter of all bird species in Australia can be found here.

The eastern section of the park can be explored on the 64km Tweed Range Scenic Drive (gravel, and usable in dry weather), which loops through the park from Lillian Rock (midway between Uki and Kyogle) to Wiangaree (north of Kyogle on Summerland Way). The signposting on access roads isn’t good (when in doubt take roads signposted to the national park), but it’s well worth the effort.

The road runs through mountain rainforest, with steep hills and lookouts over the Tweed Valley to Wollumbin/Mt Warning and the coast. The five-minute walk out to the Pinnacle Lookout is a highlight and a good alternative to climbing Wollumbin/Mt Warning to see the sunrise. A one-way drive takes you to lush rainforest, swimming holes and a picnic area at Brindle Creek. If you take a dip, be sure you're not wearing sunscreen or insect repellent as the chemicals are dangerous for the local rare frogs. You can walk the 5km-long walking path to Antarctic Beech picnic area, near a forest of 2000-year-old beech trees, or continue via the road.

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