This vantage spot provides a panoramic view of the working wharves of Auckland Point.

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1. Toondoon Botanic Gardens

3.05 MILES

These lush gardens comprise more than 80 hectares of tropical, subtropical and dry-rainforest environments, showcasing flora ranging from those of these…

2. Curtis Island

7.07 MILES

Curtis Island, just across the water from Gladstone, can’t be confused with a resort island. Apart from swimming, fishing and lolling about on the dunes,…

3. Cedar Galleries

9.97 MILES

This old-school Aussie artists’ colony has limited farmstay accommodation available (studio $100 first night, $60 subsequent nights). Guests can watch the…

4. Calliope River Historical Village

10.33 MILES

If you are in the area, market days at the Calliope River Historical Village, 26km southwest of Gladstone, are hugely popular, attracting over 3000 people…

5. Lake Awoonga

15.16 MILES

Created by the damming of the Boyne River in 1984, Lake Awoonga is a popular recreational area 30km south of Gladstone. Backed by the rugged Castle Tower…