Babinda Boulders

Gorge in Babinda

Babinda Boulders is a natural gorge where a photogenic creek rushes between 4m-high granite rocks. It’s croc-free, but waters can turn treacherous after heavy rain. Local Aboriginal Dreaming stories recount that a young woman, Oolana, threw herself into the then-still waters after being separated from her love; her anguish caused the creek to become the surging, swirling torrent it is today.

Almost 20 visitors have lost their lives swimming at the boulders over the years, though marked trails and safety rails now keep most at a safe distance. Swimming is permitted in the calm, well-marked parts of the creek, but pay careful heed to all warning signs. It's around 470m from the picnic area to Devil's Pool and 600m to Boulder Gorge. There are interpretive boards along the way.