Surfers should goofy-foot it to Nobby's Beach. The fast left-hander known as the Wedge is at its northern end, which can also offer good kitesurfing conditions. The southern end is good for swimming, with ships leaving port adding interest.

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Nearby Newcastle attractions

1. Fort Scratchley

0.17 MILES

Perched above Newcastle Harbour, this intriguing military site was constructed during the Crimean War to protect the city against a feared Russian…

2. Nobby's Head

0.49 MILES

Originally an island, this headland at the entrance to Newcastle Harbour was joined to the mainland by a stone breakwater built by convicts between 1818…

3. Newcastle Beach

0.49 MILES

Surfers and swimmers adore this picturesque patrolled beach at the eastern end of the town centre. Nearby accommodation and eating options mean that you…

4. Lock-Up

0.56 MILES

These days artists in residence, rather than prisoners, occupy this former police station (1861). There’s a dynamic contemporary-art program, artists…

5. Christ Church Cathedral

0.79 MILES

Dominating the city skyline, Newcastle's Anglican cathedral is filled with treasures like a gold chalice and a remembrance book made from jewellery…

7. King Edward Park

0.99 MILES

This magnificently landscaped ocean-side park offers sweeping views, lots of grass and plenty of shady spots for lounging around. The best views are from…

8. Newcastle Art Gallery

1.19 MILES

Ignore the brutalist exterior, as inside this remarkable regional gallery are some wonderful works. There's no permanent exhibition; displays rotate the…