Travel might have been fraught in 2020, but one thing we could all agree on is the pleasure of clicking through pretty photos of the places we wish we were riding out the pandemic. Vrbo recently shared which of its properties got the most love on Instagram last year. They all have several things in common – they're pretty indoors and out, with nice amenities like swimming pools, and they all have access to the great outdoors. 

If they look a little familiar, you might have seen one or two of these vacation rentals whizz by on your Instagram feed last year while taking a break from doom-scrolling to play the "anywhere-but-here" game. And if you get that FOMO feeling looking at Vrbo's most popular properties, don't worry, you're in good company. For many, the visual break of some digital eye candy was as close as they got to a vacation last year.

There's certainly no harm in planning your next big trip down to the last detail while we all count down to our vaccine slots. These beauts will still be waiting in dreamy destinations like Florida, Arizona, Washington and Michigan for when you're ready to hit the "book now" button. 

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