Tourist injured in orangutan attack while trekking in Sumatra

A tourist from New Zealand was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a 38-year-old orangutan during a trek in the Sumatran jungle.

An rehabilitated orangutan in the Sumatran jungle.

An  orangutan attacked and bit a New Zealand tourist in the Sumatran jungle. Image by Lip Kee Yap / CC BY-SA 2.0

The animal, formerly kept as a house pet, savagely attacked Binula Wickramarachchi during his walk and the visitor is recovering in Colombia Hospital in Medan.

The MailOnline reports that the Kiwi (27) was making his way through the national park of Sumatra Orangutan Observation Centre when the confrontation occurred.

It is believed that the orangutan attacked from a tree as a group of tourists approached where he was. Among Mr Wickramarachchi's  injuries was a bite on the knee

The Jakarta Post quotes the manager of the Sumatra orangutan Observation Centre, Mr Riswan Bangun as saying the injured man was now in a satisfactory condition.

The orangutan, named Minah, had escaped some time ago from being a pet and had returned to the wild.

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