Scent of fun as Burger King bottles Whopper perfume on April 1

Burger King is branching out from selling just burgers to new Whopper-scented perfumes as part of their new ad campaign in Japan.

Burger King bottles the scent of a Whopper

Burger King bottles the scent of a Whopper Image by Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0

The company - second only to McDonald’s in the US fast-food industry – has disclosed that its new body fragrance, ‘Flame-Grilled’, is to sell at its outlets for just one day - April 1.

While the release date on the day of pranks worldwide helps explain a sense of fun by Burger King, WABC New York reports that the company  has registered the date as ‘Whopper Day’ in Japan and a public holiday by the Japan Anniversary Association.

The fast food giant says that although it is marketing the aroma as a gimmick, it stressed that it will be sold in limited quantities across all stores in Japan.

Seven years ago Burger King released a cologne called 'Flame,' which had the dubious tagline of scenting of “flame-broiled meat.”

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