Must-see attractions in Andorra

  • Andorra, Andorra La Vella. Casa De La Vall - Government House.

    Casa de la Vall

    Andorra la Vella

    Constructed in 1580 as a home for a wealthy family, this graceful stone mansion served as Andorra's parliament building from 1702 until as recently as…

  • Església de Santa Coloma

    Andorra la Vella

    Mentioned in documents from the 9th century, this elegant pre-Romanesque church is Andorra's oldest. The slender 12th-century Lombard bell tower still…

  • Museu Nacional de l'Automòbil

    Andorra la Vella

    A trip to Andorra's National Automobile Museum will have classic revheads wishing they could take one of the 80 vintage cars or numerous antique…

  • Barri Antic

    Andorra la Vella

    The small Barri Antic (intrusively and artificially bisected by Avinguda del Príncep Benlloch) was the heart of Andorra la Vella back when the…

  • Església de Sant Esteve

    Andorra la Vella

    These days aligned north–south, Andorra la Vella's parish church dates from the 12th century. Apart from some wonderfully warm, glowing stained-glass…

  • Plaça del Poble

    Andorra la Vella

    Occupying the roof of a modern government office building, this square affords splendid views of the valley and mountains, and is a popular local…

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