Algeria in detail

Money and Costs


Algerian dinar (DA)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $75

  • Hotel room: $45
  • Kebab: $5
  • Mint tea: $1
  • Algiers metro ticket: 50¢

Midrange: $75–120

  • Hotel room: $85
  • Two-course dinner: $15
  • Beer at a bar: $3
  • Short taxi ride: $5

Top end: More than $120

  • Hotel room: $200
  • Two-course dinner: $25
  • Glass of wine: $7
  • Driver and car for a day: $70


Bargaining is not the way of life here, and most day-to-day products have a fixed price. It is might be worth trying to bargain for tourist souvenirs, tours or other tourist services, though there's no guarantee you'll get one. Hotels might negotiate a little on room rates during quiet periods.


ATMs are widespread in all larger towns. Credit cards can be used only in big hotels and at car-rental companies. You'll need dinars for day-to-day expenses, but businesses catering to tourists (hotels, airlines, tour companies etc) will often accept Euros.

Exchange Rates


For current exchange rates, see


Tipping isn't widespread.

  • Restaurants In better restaurants it's expected that you will leave a service tip of between 5% and 10%.
  • Tourist services Tourist guides and drivers should be tipped the equivalent of around one extra days payment for each week worked.

Black Market

The black-market exchange rate is significantly better than what you'll get at banks. Ask locals where you can change money, but if you choose to use it, be aware that you're breaking the law, with all the risks that entails. You can only change dinars back to euros or dollars unofficially.

Local Terms

Some Algerians, especially in rural areas, might give prices in centimes rather than dinars (there are 100 centimes in a dinar). To confuse matters further, they might also drop the thousands, so a quote of '130' means 130,000 centimes (ie DA1300).