Lake Chivero Recreational Park


Only 32km from the capital, Lake Chivero is one of the best places in Zimbabwe to spot rhinos in the wild. Run by the national parks, it's home to several white rhino (dehorned as an antipoaching measure), which you're a very good chance of spotting – particularly if you hire a ranger to come along. The park comprises high-veld woodland and is centred around the scenic lake and rocky outcrops reminiscent of Matobo National Park.

As well as rhinos, it's home to giraffes, ostriches, zebras, crocodiles, wildebeest elands and an impressive number of bird species. There's also several ancient rock-art sites here.

Game drives are available at the park, costing US$10 per person, while horse riding (US$5 to $US20) is another popular way to get around. Fishing permits are US$3.

It's a good alternative to spending the night in Harare and there's a good choice of accommodation, from camping (US$10 per person) to self-catering rooms (from US$30) and more luxurious hilltop chalets with swimming pools (per person $86). However, it's a popular weekend escape for locals, so aim to visit during the week for a more peaceful experience. Food and drinks are available from the canteen.

The park headquarters is 3km off the main highway, so you'll need to prearrange a pickup (US$10) with Zimparks for the final leg if you're taking public transport here.