Plas Newydd

Top choice in Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn)

Plas Newydd (New House) was the grand manor of the marquesses of Anglesey. Surrounded by tranquil gardens and pastures, with fine prospects across the Menai Strait to Snowdonia, the building has parts dating from the early 15th century, but most of today's Gothic masterpiece took shape in the 18th century. Inside, the walls are hung with gilt-framed portraits of worthy ancestors of the Paget family (William Paget was secretary of state to Henry VIII), who owned the house until 1976.

A highlight is a giant painting by Rex Whistler filling an entire wall of the dining room – the painting magically changes perspective as you walk around the room. A tearoom, a cafe, an adventure playground and a luxuriant rhododendron garden punctuate the grounds.

The house is 2 miles southwest of Llanfair PG, along the A4080.

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