Hon Son Island

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Hon Son, also known after its main village of Lai Son, is a solitary and beautiful mountain island about 50km southwest of Rach Gia on the southern shores of Vietnam. It is very undeveloped and has some pretty coastline, with a single road circling the island and connecting a handful of communities and remote beaches.

The island is ringed by some large rock formations that make popular photo opportunities for Vietnamese selfie fans. In the north, Bai Bac and Bai Bo are the best beaches, but Bai Bang, in the east, is also popular thanks to a horizontal coconut palm and lots of strategically placed swings. Aside from swimming and beach lounging, other activities on offer here include hill trekking and visiting the island's popular night market.

Getting to Hon Son Island

Boats to Hon Son (150,000d, 1½ hours) depart Rach Gia at 7.30am (continuing to Nam Du for 100,000d around 9am) and returning to the mainland at noon.

Hotels on Hon Son Island

Accommodation in the 250,000d-to-500,000d range is available in Lai Son and dotted about the island. Options include Sake Hostel and Sao Biển Homestay. Most hotels rent out scooters for exploring the island.

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