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Set around pretty Vila Bay and a series of lagoons, beaches and offshore islands, Port Vila is a surprisingly compact but energetic town. It's a little rough around the edges, with a few traffic-clogged main streets offering up a supply of souvenirs, markets, and waterfront restaurants and cafes with some lingering French influences. Beneath this veneer is an odd mix of holidaymakers, cruise ship day trippers,... Read More

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$85.05 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full-Day Vanuatu Round Island Tour from Port Vila

You will be picked up at 8:30am from your accommodation in Port Vila and taken to your first stop; Iarofa Village. This is an amazing cultural experience where you will be able to experience traditional practices and skills, and be mesmerised by custom dancing and an amazing fire-walking display. The next stop of the day is the Blue Lagoon and Eton Village. Here you will be able to enjoy swimming in this magnificent naturally blue lagoon or at the beautiful white Eton Beach. Refreshments are included – fruits in season). At Eton Village you will be able to visit the Village Primary School (when open). Visit Pangpang and see the huge ancient banyan trees. You will learn the difference between the male and female trees and the use by their ancestors. You will then visit Beachcomber at Takara Lodge. Enjoy a buffet lunch to live music with a local string band. You may also enjoy their thermal swimming pools fed by the natural hot springs. The second last stop is the World War 2 relics. This is Ernest’s story and collection of a man passionate about this part of our rich history. The final stop is Gideon’s Landing. Visit Vanuatu’s Survivor Beach and enjoy afternoon coffee & tea. You will have an opportunity for snorkeling opportunity if time permits before being taken back to your accommodation at 4:30pm.

$19.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Port Vila Self-Guided Audio Tour

Relax in the beautiful and culturally vibrant city of Port Vila located in the Republic of Vanuatu. This incredible audio tour will take you to Vanuatu Cultural Centre where you can learn about its traditions, you'll also take an easy stroll through the stunning Waterfront that will provide you with great photo opportunities. You'll also see the Cenotaph, the amazing Lookout Point, a Cathedral, Port Vila Markets and the famous Port Vila Post Office. This tour offers a great insight into the magic of Vanuatu and is the perfect way to make your stay unforgettable. Take a trip to paradise. As a self-guided audio tour, you have the power to control your experience. Set the pace and take in the atmosphere. Your tour, your way.

$120 Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion: Full-Day Vanuatu Sightseeing Tour from Port Vila

Your full-day shore excursion begins when you are picked up from the Vila star/main wharf at Port Vila around 9am (dependent on the arrival time of your cruise ship). You will have a short safety briefing before heading off for the day. Departing from the town area you'll first see the green vegetation of the Island. You will travel in a fully air-conditioned bus. With a guaranteed window seat, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the incredible views and the natural features of this beautiful island nation. Your senses will come alive when you take this tour that encompasses locally grown coffee, the native culture and customs and a stop to one of the islands amazing cascades. You will first travel to a coffee factory that is a true Vanuatu success story. Tanna coffee is grown under the shadows of the still active Yasur Volcano. It is the active volcanos influence that makes this coffee so unique. Tanna coffee accomplishes its award winning high quality through natural means by hand harvesting only optimum ripe cherries, same day processing, natural fermentation methods and sun drying. The manual processing techniques are what makes this coffee so unique, and it will delight any serious coffee drinker or discerning connoisseur. Your next stop will be the Mele Village just 20 minutes north of town. Visit the Secret Garden and discover this mix of wildlife and culture at this stop. A local guide explains aspects of the Melanesian culture and offers a glimpse into the tribal history of Vanuatu, from cannibalism, volcanic activity and land diving traditions to their fight to become independent of the British and French in 1980. Enjoy a cultural show with singing and dancing and wander around to truly experience the beauty of the Garden. Continue on to the Cascades. With plenty of places to stop and take photos you eventually make your way to a beautiful cascade where you can also dive into the pool for a refreshing swim. Next you will travel to the world’s only underwater post office. From the Hideaway Resort it’s possible to purchase a special, waterproof postcard and snorkel down to send it! Don't forget to take your underwater camera for proof of sending this precious piece of mail. Finish off the day with some shopping and a stop at the Duty Free shops before returning to the pier area. An additional drop off at the wharf market is made available if you would like to continue to shop before re-boarding your ship.

$57.99 Water Sports

Port Vila Jet Boat Adventure

Thrilling thousands of people every year, this is still our most popular tour! Full of amazing twists, turns and plenty of splashes, This 30 minute jet boat ride is the most exhilarating water tour in the South Pacific. Leaving from our Pier on the sea wall in the heart of Port Vila come and explore with us the amazing beauty of Ifira Island and the stunning coastline of Paradise and Dream Cove. We like to hear you scream so a shot of adrenaline is injected into this tour with massive sideways slides, wild fish tails and the famous Hamilton spins. Powered by a huge 390-horsepower V8 engine, the boat roars across crystal clear reefs at breathtaking speed showcasing the amazing scenery of the inner and outer harbor.Expect to get wet! when the boat spins there is plenty of water coming your way and if you think that's wet wait until we do the power brake stop. Throwing all the thrust of the boat into reverse the sudden change forces the boat to dive with a tsunami of water coming over the front there wont be a dry seat in the house!!WARNING this trip will get your heart racing with massive amounts of fun to be had by all!

$85.05 Outdoor Activities

The Big Zipline Trek in Vanuatu from Port Vila

This 3-hour tour starts in down town Port Vila with a pick-up from the Tour Hog / Zipline ticket office. You will then take a 25-minute 4 wheel ride up the mountain to the summit. Upon arrival you will sign-in and be fitted with your harness. The main building has locker and toilet facilities, food, beverages and t-shirts for sale. Your guided 1- hour tour starts and returns to the main zipline building. What a blast crossing this 80 meter canyon. There is a little bit of walking on this 1.3 kilometer long course with seven ziplines. This course has just a few stairs and a whopping 300 meter zip at the end. It’s a huge adrenaline rush. The guides are well trained and you will have lots of fun. Safety is the number one priority. At the end of your tour you will be de-harnessed afterwards and transported back to your original departure point. This tour is designed for participants of average mobility and strength who are in reasonably good health. It’s fantastic, fun and set in a beautiful location. Don't forget to bring a camera and closed in shoes.

$45.62 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Half-Day Vanuatu Hunters and Gatherers Food Tour Including Cooking Class from Port Vila

This half-day Vanuatu food tour starts off with a friendly welcome at a local Port Vila restaurant where you’ll meet your playful guides. From the restaurant you will set out to Taka, a cute little village of about 50 people that sits inside a much larger surrounding community. Meet the local chief and his family as they lead you into their personal garden. This is where your culinary adventure will begin. Vanuatu still holds onto its traditional hunter/gatherer customs for men and women. You will learn about this tradition but with a bit of playful fun. Gather your delicious, fresh, organic vegetables from the garden while also getting educated on the local produce and tips for making your own garden back home more bountiful. You will be given a few funny challenges to see if you could succeed as a local villager. The hunters will get to see if they can capture a live chicken to present to their ladies, while the gatherers can test their balancing skills as they cradle the fruits of their labour on their heads.  Before departing the village, visit the chief's house to try a varied selection of local cuisine also known as kaekae which is created straight from the land and cooked just for your tour group. Taking your basket of fresh produce, you will then walk along the beach to where the real cooking will begin. Before starting to cook, take a quick dip in the ocean and enjoy a drink in-hand — but then it’s back to hunting and gathering as you are separated to carry out the traditional roles to create a scrumptious lunch. The hunters will be shown the art of filleting a fish, while the gatherers will follow the local women to start preparing the food using traditional cooking techniques from campfires to underground ovens that use hot stones for fresh bread. You’ll indulge all your senses in this authentic island-meets-modern-day feast! Smell the aromas and taste the earthy flavours as you are spoiled with an array of tropical delights. But of course, the biggest secret to good food is love! Since you’re on island time you should let your hair down as you eat, drink, laugh and just take it all in. The food is simple but unique to the island, with entirely fresh locally grown produce and protein straight from the land and ocean, all infused with spices and herbs. You'll finish your meal by preparing delicious desserts and kava. The gatherers will scratch coconuts using only traditional tools while the hunters will learn the process of making kava, the local drink derived from the root of the kava plant. After indulging on a variety of locally inspired desserts and Vanuatu's very own beer and coffee, you’ll have the opportunity the taste that famous kava and relax for the remainder of the day. You will be able to see firsthand the traditional lifestyle of the local Ni-Vanuatu people, hear amazing forbidden tales of local culture, and be part of something really special.