Kutlug Murod Inoq Medressa


This medressa (1804–12) faces the Allakuli Khan Medressa and has a nearly matching facade. It houses an art museum.

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1. Tosh-Hovli Palace

0.03 MILES

This palace, which means ‘Stone House’, contains Khiva’s most sumptuous interior decoration, dense with blue ceramic tiles, carved wooden pillars and…

2. Allakuli Khan Medressa

0.05 MILES

The tall Allakuli Khan Medressa is one of several buildings in the eastern section of the Ichan Qala built by Allakuli Khan in the 1830s and '40s. It…

3. Juma Minaret

0.06 MILES

From inside the Juma Mosque, you can sometimes climb the 82 very dark steps up to the pigeon-poop-splattered gallery of this 47m minaret, for fine views…

4. Allakuli Khan Bazaar & Caravanserai

0.07 MILES

North of the Allakuli Khan Medressa is the Allakuli Khan Bazaar & Caravanserai. The entrance to both is through tall wooden gates beside the medressa. The…

5. East Gate

0.07 MILES

The Old Town's East Gate, a long, vaulted 19th-century passage with several sets of immense carved doors, bridges the Anusha Khan baths and the bazaar…

6. Juma Mosque

0.07 MILES

Almost in the centre of the Ichon-Qala, the large and atmospheric Juma Mosque is interesting for the 218 wooden columns supporting its roof – a concept…

7. Islom Hoja Medressa

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Walk south from the Abdulla Khan Medressa to the Islom Hoja Medressa and minaret – Khiva’s newest Islamic monuments, both built in 1910. You can climb the…

8. Ichon-Qala

0.09 MILES

Khiva's Ichon-Qala is one of the great highlights of Uzbekistan. The perfectly preserved medieval walled town is home to dozens of mosques, medressas and…