City walls of Khiva in Uzbekistan.

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City Walls


One highlight for which no ticket is needed is the walk along the northwestern section of the Ichon-Qala wall. The stairs can be accessed at the North Gate and are a great place to be at sunset. The 2.5km-long mud walls date from the 18th century, and were rebuilt after being destroyed by the Persians.

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Nearby Khiva attractions

1. Bogcha-Darvoza

0.03 MILES

The northern Bogcha-Darvoza was one of four main gates giving access to the Ichon-Qala.

2. Watchtower


At the back right corner of the throne room in the Kuhna Ark, a door in the wall leads to a flight of steps up to the watchtower, the original part of the…

3. Ichon-Qala


Khiva's Ichon-Qala is one of the great highlights of Uzbekistan. The perfectly preserved medieval walled town is home to dozens of mosques, medressas and…

4. Mohammed Rakhim Khan Medressa

0.21 MILES

East of the Kuhna Ark, across an open space that was once a busy palace square (and place of execution), the 19th-century Mohammed Rakhim Khan Medressa is…

5. Kuhna Ark

0.22 MILES

To your left after you enter the West Gate stands the Kuhna Ark – the Khiva rulers’ own fortress and residence, first built in the 12th century by one Ok…

6. Zindon

0.22 MILES

The small, low-slung building to the left of the entrance outside the main Kuhna Ark fortress is the Zindon (Khans’ Jail), with a simple display of chains…

7. Isfandiyar Palace

0.22 MILES

The Isfandiyar Palace (also called the Palace of Nurullabay) was built between 1906 and 1912, and like the emir’s summer palace in Bukhara displays some…

8. Tosh-Hovli Palace

0.23 MILES

This palace, which means ‘Stone House’, contains Khiva’s most sumptuous interior decoration, dense with blue ceramic tiles, carved wooden pillars and…