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Walking Tour around Old Town and Minaret area of Turpan

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All Inclusive Private Day Tour: Discover Turpan including Karez System and Emin Minaret

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Full-Day Private Turpan Tour: Tuyoq Village, Sugong Minaret, Jiaohe Ruins etc

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Kuqa Private Day Tour to Kizil Grottoes and Mystic Tianshan Grand Canyon

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Recent stories

Sports and fitness

Could Uzbekistan become Central Asia’s first Shangri-La for skiers and snowboarders?

5 min readPublished Mar 6, 2020

A new resort could be the first step in an ambitious plan to make Uzbekistan the next big name in the world of skiing.

Could Uzbekistan become Central Asia’s first Shangri-La for skiers and snowboarders?
Art and culture

A must-visit list of incredible Silk Road sights in Uzbekistan

5 min readPublished Apr 8, 2019

Desert citadels, crumbling mud fortresses, mosaic-adorned medressas and busy market bazaars. For many centuries, the Silk Road was the world’s…

The blue dome and brown mud structures of the Kalon Mosque and minaret under cloudy, dusk skies.

Uzbekistan underground: inside Tashkent's ornate Soviet metro

3 min readPublished Feb 4, 2019

On a busy weekday morning, trains arrive and depart and passengers stream through Alisher Navoi to the interchange between the central Uzbekistan and…

View of Alisher Navoi station with its blue arched domes and blurred passengers walking down the platform.
Adventure travel

Uzbekistan's Stihia Festival: riding sound waves in the vanished Aral Sea

5 min readPublished Sep 18, 2018

It was probably the biggest thing to have happened in Moynaq since the waters of the Aral Sea started to recede in the 1960s. Hundreds of curious locals…

Rusting ships beached on sand with the sunset behind.
Art and culture

Why now is the time to visit Uzbekistan

5 min readPublished May 31, 2018

Uzbekistan's gems have long been known to adventurous explorers. The Silk Road cities of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva hold some of the world's most…

Wooden doors open onto a sunny blue-tiled Islamic square. Uzbekistan's new policies are making it easier to visit its stunning monuments, such as the Registan © Dinozzzaver / Shutterstock