Yosemite Community Church

Yosemite National Park

Built in 1879, this chapel is Yosemite’s oldest structure that still remains in use, including for weddings. In 1885, President Ulysses Grant's memorial service was held at the church's original location near the base of the Four Mile Trail; in 1901, the chapel was moved about a mile to its present site. Sunday-morning services are nondenominational.

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1. Sentinel Bridge

0.19 MILES

This bridge over the Merced River has fantastic views of Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.

2. Yosemite Museum

0.58 MILES

The Yosemite Museum has Miwok and Paiute artifacts, including woven baskets, beaded buckskin dresses and dance capes made from feathers. Native American…

3. Ansel Adams Gallery

0.61 MILES

Few know about it, but original Ansel Adams photographic prints are shown at Yosemite Valley's Ansel Adams Gallery. A number of walks and classes are also…

4. Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center

0.62 MILES

Built by the Sierra Club in 1903, this small, rustic, granite-and-wood lodge offers a glimpse of a relatively unknown chapter of California architecture…

5. Yosemite Falls

0.86 MILES

West of Yosemite Village, Yosemite Falls is considered the tallest waterfall in North America, dropping 2425ft (740m) in three tiers. A slick trail leads…

6. Stoneman Bridge

0.93 MILES

An iconic spot, both as a perfect foreground structure for photos of Half Dome in the distance and for its simple, elegant single-arch stone design over…

7. The Ahwahnee Hotel

0.97 MILES

About a quarter-mile east of Yosemite Village, The Ahwahnee is a picture of rustic elegance, dating back to 1927. You don’t need to be a…

8. Glacier Point


If you drove, the views from 7214ft Glacier Point might make you feel like you cheated – superstar sights present themselves without your having made…