Liberty Bell and Kangaroo Ridge Sunset, Okanogan National Forest, Washington State

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Northeastern Washington

Bordered by Canada to the north and Idaho to the east, northeastern Washington is dominated by the understated yet populous city of Spokane, and is internationally famous for producing one of the 20th century's greatest engineering marvels: the gargantuan Grand Coulee Dam. But few people visit the region, and tourist services are skimpy outside of Spokane and the dam area; only a few small towns are scattered across the protected hills and boreal pine forests of the Okanogan and Colville National Forests. Climatically, the northeast is a transition zone, with a dry belt running immediately east of the Cascade Mountains, while wetter, more humid air seeps into the verdant Kettle River Range and Selkirk Mountains closer to Idaho. This region marks Washington's only real incursion into the Rocky Mountains.


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