Victor Steinbrueck Park

Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

When you’ve had enough of Pike Place Market and its crowds, wander out the end of the North Arcade and cross Western Ave to Victor Steinbrueck Park, a small grassy area designed in 1982 by Steinbrueck and Richard Haag.

A historic armory building once stood on the site, but it was knocked down in 1968, much to the disgust of Steinbrueck, a major preservationist who worked hard to save both Pike Place and Pioneer Sq from the wrecking ball. As consolation, this small breathing space between the waterfront and downtown was created. Perched over Elliott Bay, it has benches, a couple of totem poles carved by Quinault tribe members James Bender and Marvin Oliver, and great views over the waterfront and bay. Rallies and political demonstrations are often held here.