Times Square Building

Belltown & Seattle Center

This terracotta and granite structure, guarded by eagles perched on the roof, was designed by the Paris-trained architect Carl Gould (who also designed the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library). It housed the Seattle Times from 1916 to 1931.

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Nearby Belltown & Seattle Center attractions

1. Amazon Tower I

0.17 MILES

The new Seattle HQ of online retail behemoth Amazon opened in December 2015. Officially it's called Amazon Tower I, but it's known colloquially as 'the…

2. Spheres

0.22 MILES

Amazon's latest construction in the Denny Triangle opened January 2018 and is quite different to the Amazon Tower I, which went up in 2015 down the street…

3. Corner & Sanitary Market Buildings

0.27 MILES

Across Pike Place from the Main Arcade are the 1912 Corner & Sanitary Market Buildings, so named because they were the first of the market buildings in…

4. Washington State Convention Center

0.28 MILES

It’s hard to miss this gigantic complex decked out with ballrooms, meeting rooms, space for exhibitions and the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau. An…

5. Pike Place Market

0.29 MILES

A cavalcade of noise, smells, personalities, banter and urban theater sprinkled liberally around a spatially challenged waterside strip, Pike Place Market…

6. Rainier Tower


With its inverted base that looks like a tree that's been nibbled by a beaver, this urban behemoth was finished in 1977, after which it quickly acquired…

7. Main & North Arcades


The Main & North Arcades, sandwiched between Pike Pl and Western Ave, contain some of the most quintessential Pike Place Market ephemera: flower stands,…

8. Gum Wall

0.32 MILES

Seattle's famous gum wall is one of those cultural monuments you can smell before you even see it. The sweet aroma of chewed gum wafts from this strip of…