Seattle Great Wheel

Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

This 175ft Ferris wheel was installed in June 2012 with 42 gondolas, each capable of carrying eight people on a 12-minute ($14!) ride. The wheel sticks out over the water on Pier 57 and has quickly become synonymous with Seattle's ever-improving waterfront. It's the tallest of its type on the West Coast, though it pales in comparison with other behemoths such as the London Eye.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront attractions

1. Seattle Aquarium

0.09 MILES

Though not on a par with Seattle's nationally lauded Woodland Park Zoo, the aquarium – situated on Pier 59 in an attractive wooden building – is probably…

2. Gum Wall

0.19 MILES

Seattle's famous gum wall is one of those cultural monuments you can smell before you even see it. The sweet aroma of chewed gum wafts from this strip of…

3. Main & North Arcades


The Main & North Arcades, sandwiched between Pike Pl and Western Ave, contain some of the most quintessential Pike Place Market ephemera: flower stands,…

4. Pike Place Market

0.21 MILES

A cavalcade of noise, smells, personalities, banter and urban theater sprinkled liberally around a spatially challenged waterside strip, Pike Place Market…

5. Hammering Man

0.22 MILES

Although not unique to Seattle, Hammering Man, the 48ft-high metal sculpture that guards the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum on the corner of 1st Ave…

6. Seattle Art Museum

0.22 MILES

While not comparable with the big guns in New York and Chicago, Seattle Art Museum is no slouch. Always re-curating its art collection with new…

7. Corner & Sanitary Market Buildings

0.24 MILES

Across Pike Place from the Main Arcade are the 1912 Corner & Sanitary Market Buildings, so named because they were the first of the market buildings in…

8. Victor Steinbrueck Park

0.29 MILES

When you’ve had enough of Pike Place Market and its crowds, wander out the end of the North Arcade and cross Western Ave to Victor Steinbrueck Park, a…