Madrona Park & Beach

The CD, Madrona & Madison Park

Madrona Park Beach, down a steep hill from the business district in Madrona Park, is one of the nicest along the lake. In clear weather the views of Mt Rainier are fantastic. Swimming is only for hardy souls, however, as the water is icy cold, even in summer. Further south, past the yacht moorage, is Leschi Park, a grassy green space with a children’s play area.

There are lifeguards on duty late May to late August (2pm to 7pm Monday to Friday, from 11am Saturday and Sunday late May to late June, noon to 7pm Monday to Friday, from 11am Saturday and Sunday late June to late August).

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1. Howell Park

0.55 MILES

Just south of Viretta Park in Madrona is a small beachfront abutting Lake Washington called Howell Park. If you're looking for a beach with some elbow…

2. Viretta Park

0.68 MILES

Amid a lakeside nirvana of posh mansions, you’ll find two-tiered Viretta Park, from which you can see the large house once owned by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain…

3. Denny Blaine Park

0.76 MILES

South of Madison Park toward the tail of Lake Washington Blvd is Denny Blaine Park, found at the end of a looping tree-lined lane. The beach is surrounded…

4. Mount Zion Baptist Church

1.25 MILES

One of the cornerstones of the CD neighborhood is Mount Zion Baptist Church, a 2000-member congregation with a choir that has reached national acclaim…

5. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center

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This Byzantium Revival building began life in 1915 as a synagogue for a congregation of Orthodox Jews. By 1969 the demographics of the neighborhood had…

6. Japanese Garden

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At the southern edge of Washington Park Arboretum, this 3.5-acre formal garden has koi pools, waterfalls, a teahouse and manicured plantings. Granite for…

7. Washington Hall

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Originally built in 1908 by the Danish Brotherhood, Washington Hall has been a meeting place, music venue (hosting Billie Holiday, Jimi Hendrix and Duke…

8. Northwest African American Museum

1.68 MILES

Small, concise and culturally valuable, NAAM opened in 2008 after more than 30 years of planning. It occupies the space of an old school, which, until the…