Main & North Arcades

Market in Downtown, Pike Place & Waterfront

Rachel the Market Pig marks the main entrance to the Main & North Arcades, thin shed-like structures that run along the edge of the hill; these are the busiest of the market buildings. With banks of fresh produce carefully arranged in artful displays, and fresh fish, crab and other shellfish piled high on ice, this is the real heart of the market.

Here you’ll see fishmongers tossing salmon back and forth like basketballs (many of these vendors will pack fish for overnight delivery). You’ll also find cheese shops, butchers, tiny grocery stalls and almost everything else you need to put together a meal.

The end of the North Arcade is dedicated to local artisans and craftspeople – products must be handmade to be sold here. It's also abloom with flower sellers, most of them of Vietnamese Hmong origin. The Main Arcade was built in 1907, the first of Frank Goodwin’s market buildings.