Sandstone Cliffs and ocean view. Point Loma tide pools, San Diego peninsula, California Coastline. San Diego, California/USA - August 13, 2019

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Ocean Beach Coast

San Diego

Just north of the pier, near the end of Newport Ave, is the beach scene’s epicenter, with volleyball courts and sunset barbecues. Further north on Dog Beach pups chase birds around the marshy area where the San Diego River meets the sea. Head a few blocks south of the pier to Sunset Cliffs Park, where surfing and sunsets are the main attractions.

There are good surf breaks at the cliffs and, to the south, off Point Loma. Under the pier, skilful surfers slalom the pilings, but the rips and currents can be hazardous unless you know what you’re doing.

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1. Dog Beach

0.05 MILES

Your pooch can go leash free at this sandy spot in Ocean Beach. A large parking area is available.

2. Ocean Beach Pier

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3. Ocean Beach Farmers Market

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If you’re here on Wednesday afternoon, stop by the farmers market to see street performers and sample fresh food.

4. Belmont Park

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This old-style family amusement park has been a Mission Beach fixture since 1925. The star attraction is the Giant Dipper, a classic wooden roller coaster…

5. SeaWorld San Diego

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Opened in San Diego in 1964, SeaWorld became one of California’s most popular theme parks. Visitors shuttle between aquatic-themed rides, animal…

6. Mission Bay

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Just east of Mission and Pacific Beaches is this 7-sq-mile playground, with 27 miles of shoreline and 90 acres of parks on islands, coves and peninsulas…

7. Mission & Pacific Beaches Boardwalk

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Central San Diego's best beach scene is concentrated in a narrow strip of land between the ocean and Mission Bay. There's great people-watching along the…