Navy Yard

Area in South Philadelphia

US Naval ships were built and repaired in this yard up until 1996. Although the Navy continues to house decommissioned vessels here, the site now functions as a business campus for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Urban Outfitters, whose headquarters stands in the shadow of the mammoth aircraft carrier John F Kennedy. It's worth visiting for the ships alone, but there's also a great combination of historical and contemporary architecture, plus an attractive 4.5-acre park.

Central Green was designed by landscape architect James Corner (of New York City High Line fame) and includes a running track, ping-pong tables, hammocks and yellow painted Adirondack chairs. Beside the park is 1200 Intrepid, a striking piece of contemporary architecture by Bjarke Ingels – the office building's angled concrete facade recalls both a giant wave and the bow of a ship.