Hidden in plain sight is this grassy 1.25-acre park that's atop the parking garage of the Cira Centre South complex. It's a pleasant spot to relax and offers splendid views of the Schuylkill River and the city skyline beyond.

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1. 30th St Station

0.11 MILES

The grandness of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White's 1930s design for this station makes it worth a visit even if you're not catching a train. The…

2. Schuylkill Banks

0.21 MILES

This wonderful outdoor recreation area covers around 8 miles of Schuylkill River, mostly on the east bank from below the Fairmount Dam through the heart…

3. Mütter Museum

0.32 MILES

Maintained by the College of Physicians, this unique, only-in-Philadelphia attraction is a museum dedicated to rare, odd or disturbing medical conditions…

5. Fitler Sq

0.48 MILES

This small square named after Edwin Fitler, a well-regarded 19th-century mayor of Philadelphia, is a quiet focal point for the residential area south of…

6. Arthur Ross Gallery

0.57 MILES

This small visual-arts gallery presents between four and six different shows a year covering a variety of media. On the first Wednesday of each month at…

8. Penn Museum

0.58 MILES

U Penn's magical museum, the largest of its type in the US, contains archaeological treasures from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Mayan world and more…