US Naval ships were built and repaired in this yard up until 1996. Although the Navy continues to house decommissioned vessels here, the site now functions as a business campus for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Urban Outfitters, whose headquarters stands in the shadow of the mammoth aircraft carrier John F Kennedy. It's worth visiting for the ships alone, but there's also a great combination of historical and contemporary architecture, plus an attractive 4.5-acre park.

Central Green was designed by landscape architect James Corner (of New York City High Line fame) and includes a running track, ping-pong tables, hammocks and yellow painted Adirondack chairs. Beside the park is 1200 Intrepid, a striking piece of contemporary architecture by Bjarke Ingels – the office building's angled concrete facade recalls both a giant wave and the bow of a ship.

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