Seaside Aquarium

Northern Oregon Coast

Families with kids will enjoy this aquarium on the promenade. Don't expect anything like Newport's cutting-edge version, but rather a few fish tanks, a touch pool and a small indoor seal tank where you can feed the splashy critters. Look for the 'Tsunami Fish' – an Asian fish that stowed away in a wooden boat set adrift by the 2011 Japanese tsunami.

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1. Seaside Museum & Historical Society

0.26 MILES

Curious about Seaside's past? This museum displays old photos and relics; ask about Lewis and Clark's saltworks history and summer re-enactments here.

2. Ecola State Park

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Located just north of town, Ecola State Park offers seclusion, various hikes and great picnicking. Short paths at Ecola Point lead over the headland to…

3. Haystack Rock

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4. Lewis & Clark National Historical Park


Five miles south of Astoria, this historical park holds Fort Clatsop, a reconstructed fort similar to the one the Corps of Discovery occupied during their…

5. Fort Clatsop

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The Corps of Discovery camped here from December 1805 to the following March. There's a replica of the original fort, a visitor center, interpretive…

6. Military Museum

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View displays and paraphernalia from the Civil War, WWII and other conflicts at this museum within Fort Stevens State Park. Guided tours available in…

7. Astoria Column

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Rising high on Coxcomb Hill, the Astoria Column (built in 1926) is a 125ft tower painted with scenes from the westward sweep of US exploration and…

8. Flavel House

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The extravagant Flavel House was built by Captain George Flavel, one of Astoria's leading citizens during the 1880s. The Queen Anne house has been…