Lewis & Clark National Historical Park

Northern Oregon Coast

Five miles south of Astoria, this historical park holds Fort Clatsop, a reconstructed fort similar to the one the Corps of Discovery occupied during their miserable winter of 1805–06. There's expedition history and artifacts at the visitor center, and costumed docents demonstrate common fort occupations such as candle-making, leather-tanning and canoe-building.

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1. Fort Clatsop

The Corps of Discovery camped here from December 1805 to the following March. There's a replica of the original fort, a visitor center, interpretive…

2. Military Museum

0.07 MILES

View displays and paraphernalia from the Civil War, WWII and other conflicts at this museum within Fort Stevens State Park. Guided tours available in…

3. Flavel House

4.29 MILES

The extravagant Flavel House was built by Captain George Flavel, one of Astoria's leading citizens during the 1880s. The Queen Anne house has been…

4. Historic Clatsop County Jail

4.31 MILES

The old county jail, featured in the movie The Goonies, is now home to the Oregon Film Museum, dedicated to made-in-Oregon movies – of which there have…

5. Astoria Column

4.42 MILES

Rising high on Coxcomb Hill, the Astoria Column (built in 1926) is a 125ft tower painted with scenes from the westward sweep of US exploration and…

6. Liberty Theater

4.46 MILES

Downtown's Liberty Theater is a landmark known for elaborate Italian Renaissance styling. It dates from 1925 and once hosted silent films and vaudeville…

7. Heritage Museum

4.55 MILES

Housed in the former city hall, the Heritage Museum commemorates Astoria's various ethnic communities and early settlers. There's a lot of interactive…

8. Columbia River Maritime Museum

4.71 MILES

Astoria's seafaring heritage is well interpreted at this wave-shaped museum. It's hard to miss the retired Coast Guard boat, frozen mid-rescue, through a…