Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Southern Oregon Coast

This lighthouse, built in 1870, is the oldest and highest operational lighthouse in Oregon. There's an informative visitor center, plus tours that let you go up to the lighthouse's top floor – and if you're into playing dress-up, you can try on a lighthouse cleaner's smock and feather duster.

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1. Cape Blanco State Park

0.69 MILES

Nine miles north of Port Orford, this rugged promontory is the second-most-westerly point of the continental US and host to a fine state park with hiking…

2. Hughes House

1.32 MILES

This huge, elaborate, nicely restored Victorian home was built in 1898 by Patrick Hughes, an Irish dairy rancher and gold miner who settled the area.

3. Port Orford Heads State Park

7.16 MILES

A short drive along Coast Guard Rd leads to this state park, which has the best location in town. A couple of 20-minute loop trails offer fine panoramic…

4. Lifeboat Station Museum

7.17 MILES

This 1934 building was home to members of the area's US Coast Guard 'surfmen,' who were in charge of search and rescue along this stretch of coastline – a…

5. Humbug Mountain State Park

12.47 MILES

Six miles south of Port Orford, mountains edge down to the ocean, and the heavily wooded Humbug Mountain rises 1750ft from the surf. When European…

6. Prehistoric Gardens

17.49 MILES

Twelve miles south of Port Orford, kids will scream at the sight of a Tyrannosaurus rex in front of this dinosaur park. Life-size replicas of the extinct…

7. Face Rock

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A few blocks to the south of Table Rock is Face Rock, a huge monolith with a very real-looking, almost creepy human profile. Native American legends tell…

8. Table Rock

20.5 MILES

At Coquille Point, at the end of SW 11th St, steps lead down to a beach interspersed with rocky crags and monoliths. Table Rock lies just offshore and is…